Friday, 5 November 2010

Type Links again...

Had to post this again, as for some strange reason all the copy disappeared when it posted, leaving only the screen grabs?

This link came courtesy of the Linkedin connection. I have only just started to explore this software/database, having ignored it for the last year so, as I largely didn't need it, but now thinking ahead to next October, well as I say to my HND, these others avenues should be explored, and for this I must thank Whitney who sent me an invitation, and this has now led to other connections. I shall also send this link on to the guys in the MACD group and create a group profile there, to network on a more regular basis, as it feels a little disjointed at the minute.

Back to this link, there is a very good gallery of images and resources, and since starting the MA I have once again become more fired up about Typography and related areas, the thing is setting the time aside, as the trouble with softwares like 'Fontstruct' is that they steal time fiercely.

Still I'm going to have a go, and try to design some of my own fonts, which is something that I have never done, and now the MACD is giving that avenue to explore.

Another couple of Typographic Links...