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U2 Cardiff Aug 2009 - What a gig!!!

Article written for Design Week...

Item from the mists of time...

Exercise to find colour + type in my chosen M/cr area of study Part 2

Exercise to find colour + type in my chosen M/cr area of study

A better designer

The move overseas was like a 'breath of fresh air' to me, and now is viewed as the best decision, there have been a few since, which have not worked out, but in a roundabout, it has all started to strangely work out. In the last 20 years, I worked in South Africa, New Zealand, Europe (principally Belgium & Luxembourg) Australia, and spent 5 years in London, before returning to M/cr. If I had not done this I would not have gained the experience or work I have now, the work and experience I bring to my studies from my Professional Practice.

How I felt Part 2

As I said yes there was shock, and my first thoughts about friends and family, were they ok? but then instead of travelling up to Manchester, I returned back home to Brussels and watch it on the news, but then the next few weeks I was back and forth between Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, and Luxembourg, so really didn't have much time to think.

My main reason, as I have hinted at for leaving Manchester and the UK, was that I needed a break. In 1989/90 the design scene in M/cr had become for me less challenging. I was working for GUS (their in-house publications dept in Ardwick) and while the pay was good, and yes I got run my sections it was not the future for me. Also there was this bullshit attitude which over the course of the first 9 years of my career had crept more and more into the thinking of what 'design was all about'.

I needed to breath!

So in early 90 I turned my back on the city of my birth, my career here in M/cr and headed overseas...

How I feel about the day now...

Since deciding to follow the direction of creating and writing materials related to the Manchester Bombing in 1996, and more specifically its impact on the Royal Exchange Theatre, I have for the first time really comes to terms with how after all these years the bombing affects me personally. At the time I was living and working based in Brussels, but through my work on 3 accounts, most notably Proctor & Gamble, TDK Media Europe and Dupont, I travelled all over Europe, so my connection with Manchester has ceased in early 1990, at a time when there were a small number of changes taking place in the City. I never really gave it much thought afterwards.

At that time I felt the need to get away from the City, to seek a new challenge, which I did in early 90 with a move to work for Saatchi & Saatchi in Johannesburg, South Africa, but after 4 years and a 9 month stint in NZ, I took a Deputy Creative Director position in Brussels, and it was here that I was based for nearly 4 years and on the day of the bombing I had flown over to present work to a London based client.

I distinctly remember nearly finishing my presentation, when we were interrupted in the boardroom by the news that an explosion had taken place...

Thursday, 7 October 2010

First thoughts on the new blog, still trying to sort out the look of the page. However it is slowly coming together, so should be up and running properly by the weekend.

Fingers crossed..................