Wednesday, 29 June 2011

No16 Thoughts post MA group discussion 28/06/11

Reflective Journal Entry No16 29/06/11

It is still early days in the exploration process for the last project work on the MACD, and in recent weeks since the last meet, I have been researching quite extensively the personal archive especially my own archive, how I trained, the leading lights of the day, designers who influenced me and provided very direct contact in and guidance. The real coup in the last week has been the contact with the Rylands and the chance to research their extensive collection of manuscripts, this set against the background of actually undertaking a series of experiments has boosted my confidence and I was able to provide this information to yesterdays group meet.

Development will continue with the historical archive exploration and I have contacted Julianne Simpson curator of this collection this morning, to set up a visit in the coming weeks. In the meantime I'm putting together further creative development of the AV slideshow, as begun in the 2nd Semester, and this is continuing. I have also before I forget now created the 'twin image display' which I had struggled to create conventionally last time, with the 'twin projector development'. This week using iMovie I successfully blended to the footage of the 'sky time footage' this is my 'moving timeline', with the images visuals and 'colour palette coding' and have now added Rylands Library visuals and my own handwritten examples. It is from here that I will develop the typographic element of handwritten script and interacting with the Rylands collection.

For the report the underlying them will focus on the way digital technology has over the last 20 years in particular seen the decline of the handwritten script, and the effect of modern communications on how individuals communicate with each other, and by this I mean a portion of the population under 25 who no longer write letters anymore?

It is with a sense of irony that while writing this latest entry, I was sent a link by e-mail which announced that 'Design Week' one of the creative industries foremost printed publications, is to cease printed version of it's output, and will instead concentrate on an 'online version' only. It was in many ways only a matter of time, and also I believe heralds how the future of publishing is going.

More to follow on this...