Tuesday, 14 June 2011

No7 Additional thoughts on where to go next with this project... and Christchurch.

Reflective Journal Entry No7 14/06/11

Today proved to be a day where there is the potential to revisit a couple of areas of creative archive, and to explore archive materials. There has been a theme although not immediately obvious to the general onlooker at first, which is running through the creative background of my work on the MA Core Project work. It is with a certain degree of irony that back in September last year 2010, I proposed a 'cross geographic platform' as an education resource for both Manchester and Christchurch in New Zealand. Manchester because of the bombing of 15/06/96, and this anniversary will be upon tomorrow, and Christchurch because of the Earthquake of that month, and since again with far more tragic consequences, the loss of 181 people, and now again at the beginning of this week 13/06/11 where further quakes have once again caused damage and injury. The plight of the people of CHCH is very much once again on my mind as we have both Family and friends there, many of whom have lost nearly everything, it is a sobering thought...

My original aim was to create a 'resource kit of materials' which act a guiding point for CHCH, and show how a city can survive through a significant event, in Manchester's case it was the 'air raid bombing during the early part of World War II', and the 'IRA bomb of the 15th June 1996', in the case of the war damage it took the city over 25 years to really get to grips properly with the regeneration, this is really not a well known fact, because for many it is taken largely for granted.

I have throughout the work so far explored a personal archive of influence, to show how the city has changed once again and still continues to change year by year. I appreciate that there is a guidance from the teaching team, to see a different approach and direction, but for me both semesters so far have been connected and this final semester will also have a connection, however it will be connected more by an installation delivery mechanism, than visual idea?

I'm going to pursue this area of handwritten script, to introduce my own writing style and typography, by keeping this more focused and also in a tighter delivery, I should be able to realise my eventual outcome and deliver a completed package of materials... It has been frustrating so far not to have properly completed to my personal and professional satisfaction one of the last components, this being the AV Slideshow presentation, this is where I shall be moving ahead on, to use this as a vehicle for the typography area I want to explore. In addition my goal of having a projected installation at a chosen venue, could once again be very much on the cards, after the bitter disappointment of being fobbed off by a couple of well known organisations, I hope to soon have better news to post on this, as this part of my project is still for me an area I want to explore further and complete.