Wednesday, 22 June 2011

No12 Additional thoughts on typographic history and iMovie editing progress made today P1...

Reflective Journal Entry No12 22/06/11

Delving back into the archive's once again, this time to explore more typographic history. On Monday 20th I had a very good meeting with Tash my MACD tutor to discuss direction on the part of my ongoing project. I have been given the green light to continue my typographic exploration coupled with my analysis of personal and other handwritten styles, plus taking further my projection project which will now incorporate the typographic element more strongly and using the Rylands Library inside as the backdrop (meeting set for tomorrow at 2.00p, there)

More to follow later...

Updating later, I have made progress on the multi-image editing front using 'iMovie' For a a few weeks I have been trying to work through how I could apply a 2nd image to the rolling AV slideshow I created, and which has been projected on the main screen in the 109 Lecture Theatre. I undertook further tests yesterday some of which were successful others were not, however I did manage to achieve a collection of rough takes, which can be montaged together, but I now believe that to do this I will need to look at Adobe After Effects, and for this I have this afternoon downloaded a trial copy and will make a start on looking through tutorials tomorrow. In the meantime I have at least reached a point of real progress with the multi-imaging in iMovie and I will create another option for this, ready for another test, but this time in the Rylands itself.

Tomorrow I shall be working through my hand written notes to start to create a number of hand crafted examples based on my own personal journals, to start the process. I'm considering asking a good friends of mine in the states (she is a published poet) if I may use one or two of her poems to act a the basis for my handwritten examples which will them be blown up to a much larger size. As yet I'm not thinking the final thing, but there are still at two items I want to have printed and these will need updating first, timeframe no more than 3 weeks, this will run in the background.