Monday, 15 August 2011

No30 Meeting at the Royal Exchange today, positive developments...

Reflective Journal Entry No30 15/08/11

Latest posting to update on creative development... 15.06.96 - 15.06.11 15 years Legacy.

A very positive meeting this morning with Clare Simpson, the Marketing Director at the Royal Exchange Theatre. The purpose of the meet was to continue with the discussions originally undertaken last October, regarding the MB96 work and it's impact on the RET. At that time a small exhibition or installation was put on the table for discussion centred around the creative work I had in development which is my personal creative response to the events of that day.

Well today we have agreed on a direction and timing for a public installation to take place around the 18th Sept, more details to follow on this...

Following on now later the project has come full circle and will now connect both the latest work with the investigation into Handwriting (and it's possible demise?) coupled with handcrafted Typography. In the meeting today Clare from RET suggested that we could look at an activity which could engage the General Public. Set up in front of the video/flat screen viewer in the hall, where a 5 min presentation of visuals connected with 15.06.96 and supporting posters either side, there will be a table with a selection of brightly coloured post it pads. The Public will then be invited to write on these a memory of the day, whether they were in the city or another part of the world, they can write this down on the post it and this is then stuck on the poster.

This offers up also further Primary evidence of individual handwriting and neatly ties in with the latest creative development leading to the Rylands, so full circle. We also discussed that this can become an event taking place every year in June, and despite not happening this year on the date of the anniversary, there is no reason why next year 15.06.96 - 15.06.12 will be on the date, I have been asked to adapt the graphics for this, and this will be submitted this week, with the other materials so that the in-house team can get on with the costing and production of materials from my artwork.

This will be pilot tested on Sunday 18th Sept, when the RET will be opening on a Sunday for the 1st time, and will be included as part of their events programme. It is hoped that this will run for a few weeks? Before I forget I have also had agreement with Yvette Jeal from the Rylands to take further the Communication/Typographic/Handwriting direction with further filming at the Library on the 12th Sept and a similar public display/installation to follow within 2 weeks.