Thursday, 29 November 2012

2nd Posting - Climate Counts presents Unstoppable

Thoughts from Christchurch...: Climate Counts presents Unstoppable A second time posting for this environmental video, though a few years old now, it's still worth a look and still very relevant to the current discussions...

YouTube - Spin

I was sent this by a friend of mine in the States 6 years ago who teaches Film and Media in NYC, and have used this as an example to show different aspects of the Creative Process on many occasions to my Graphic Design and Advertising students. 

Design History Ref 1 - Visual Research: An Introduction to Research Methodologies in Graphic Design, Ian Noble (Author), Russell Bestley (Author)

One of the first books recommended to me by one of my Professors at Salford University in the UK for my MA Book List, this is the 2nd Edition reprint, updated in 2011, it was originally published in 2004. It sets out strategies for engaging in Research and how to compile information, assemble your thoughts to begin writing a draft and putting forward 'A well balanced argument'.

Describe, Analyse, Interpret, Judge...