Friday, 8 October 2010

MACD - Now making progress

If there is one font I can't stand using it is Arial, which is only a 'bastardisation of Helvetica' anyway, but it seems to be the norm, so until this changes, then I guess I will have to continue using it. The MACD research is starting to take shape, and having had the go ahead from Tash and Lawrence last week, I have made good and promising progress especially with the Royal Exchange. I had thought initially this might be a 'slow burner' and would take time to get going, but no, they have been in touch and confirmed a number of things, especially 'archive and personnel access', which is fantastic! I do however have to temper the enthusiasm a little, but they have offered up a potential show of my work, as part of a 15th Anniversary of the Manchester bombing. I will start to post examples of visual and written materials in the next week, but yes it's all go.

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