Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wednesday blog - a bit of a rant...

Thought I would start the day off with more of an observational post, rather than the just posting of materials I have been undertaking of late. This morning I signed the 'save the arts petition' and the link for this is

The cuts in government spending will affect us all in the creative industries at some level, and longterm this will seriously damage the arts in this country. Coupled with the cut backs being imposed on Education, the increase in tuition fees, and now cuts in spending, how on earth are the artists of tomorrow stand a chance?

My chosen MACD project subject, The Royal Exchange is one of a number of high profile arts/theatre companies who have just found out that their grant budget has been cut. The level of cuts are staggering to say the least...

Quote from the MEN...

The 2011/12 grants budget will be frozen while council bosses work out what they can afford to support. Town halls across the country will lose more than a quarter of their own government cash after Mr Osborne's review shaved a total of £81bn of public spending.

Theatre bosses in Greater Manchester said they would to audiences and partnerships with other venues for support, to minimise job losses. They warned they would have to take fewer risks with new performances, choosing 'safer bets' instead.

The Royal Exchange was worse hit by the ACE announcement, losing £171,841. It faces a review of a further £232,600 of AGMA cash. 

Executive director Fiona Gasper, said: "It's almost like we're about to go into a totally new era of arts funding."


  1. Frustrating to say the least, the arts will always be viewed as secondary and government funding for them is always quick to fall victim to the "Tory axeman"

    "Illegitimi non carborundum" Don't let the bastards grind you down. The creative industry's will suffer, and the next generation of artist could have a vary hard time, but the fight ain't over until you've won, things will change and we will adapt.

  2. Wonder how the arts for the upper classes are fairing? The Tories have believed in the system that led us here, and are hypocritical to accuse the problem of being a Labour one. Hatchet away, broad strokes of furious retribution for all your years of sin. Bye bye NHS, bye bye arts, bye bye anything we used to be proud to have!

  3. I remember only too well the curse of Thatcher, having been unfortunate to be at college at the time she got to PM, and then when I graduated into a very polarised job market. Tories are just the same whether it's 1981 or 2010, slightly different jacket, but underneath, feed the rich, screw the rest of us.