Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Book timing decisions and final tweaks...

In the last 24 hours I have been thinking about exactly what I want to achieve with this project submission, keeping in mind the set criteria of the required materials we need to submit for this module. Having checked out what the delivery timing for the book is likely be (in this case blurb, who have come back saying 'that it will now be 2 weeks) This is due largely to the 'post Christmas clearing' they have to do. I have decided for the moment to not try to get the book printed as it will not be back in time for my deadline. I will instead come back to this later and have the book printed at a later date. It is 99% completed and just requires a few minor tweaks here and there, but in the main it is near ready.

I will now continue to finalise the presentation boards I will be submitting, plus the completed report with supporting reference materials for the submission deadline. In the meantime I have attached a few last screengrabs of the finished outer dust jacket design.


  1. Just wondered if there was any significance in colouration on the map of number 5? The 1 has a great deal of impact and presence, but by comparison the 5 is quite visually noisy and the colouring (if it has meaning) is not entirely clear. Perhaps something to consider.

  2. Yes I see what you mean, reason for the distinct difference was to try and echo the change, in how the city has changed visually on a basic block level and now the colour coding which is employed.

    A possible tweak though may be needed for the finished item?