Tuesday, 7 June 2011

No1. The Death of the Handwritten Script?...

Reflective Journal Entry No1 07/06/11

What do we mean by craft?

This is question which is being repeatedly asked in recent years and also current debate in the creative industries, as it is perceived that we have become over run with 'Digital Technology' to such a degree that many people under the age of 25 no longer know how to handwrite, or have developed their own handwriting?

It is a troubling question especially in education, as this also impacts on the the level of employability students and the general public have when trying to make their way in the world. I started out with a very simple and straightforward proposal to rediscover the true craft of typography, an in this I mean taking the story back to beyond letterpress and the first printed word (Gutenberg Bible, Caxton, Garamond) to the 'Book of Kells'

Typography is my specialist area and for a while now I have wanted to dedicate a project to look at the 'non Digital Design' and how to create a font or family of fonts for this purpose, and in looking at this more closely through discussion to raise the question of the handwritten form, differing styles differing languages, will be a route to explore. I do though want to create my own style and interpretation but to keep this aspect of the work sharply focused in typography.

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