Sunday, 19 June 2011

No10 Additional thoughts on where to go next Part 4... Herb Lubalin, Left handed typographer...

Reflective Journal Entry No10 19/06/11

Delving back into the archive's and my personal archive experience, while I was recently searching through some of my old college work, I came across photocopies from an old Letraset catalogue from 1978, where I had photocopied examples of fonts and those of Herb Lubalin, as part of my early typographic research for one of Tony Forster's type classes. I have only just discovered that Lubalin was in fact 'left handed' a fact I was not aware of at the time. I do remember having a lengthy discussion and practice session with Tony to practice using both hands to draw characters just to see the difference the sweep of curves and cursives, and the slightly unusual quality that being left handed gives when writing and drawing with a large brush.

Lubalins work can be found on the links contained within this latest journal posting.

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