Thursday, 30 June 2011

No18 Postcards, a dying art...

Reflective Journal Entry No18 30/06/11

As mentioned briefly in Journal entry No17, I watched the item on BBC Breakfast News this morning, and really quite annoyed with myself that I didn't record the item. I don't actually know what prompted this report and the interview with both the people in the studio, but it centred on the fact that we the British Public, just don't communicate as often anymore by Postcard, except for when we are visiting a place of interest, for the day, or on holiday as Tourists.

It is just another example of the way a craft, and art and a form of communication and the pace of life, has slowly come to the point where it has nearly died out. Watching and listening to the discussion raised a few points.

1. The postal service, in the discussion it raised the point that over 100 years ago, post was delivered up to 6 times a day.

2. The development of the Telephone, meant the public relied less on written messages for short-term communication.

3. The form of images/illustration changed during the 1st World War, and the art never really recovered after this. 

The posting before this showed a few examples of some of the earliest postcards sent, also the styles of writing show again the difference in where communications have gone in the last 120 years especially.

This method or craft, has once again brought back potential for visual exploration of the medium, and may off a way to further include an option of cards to be included in the resource kit of materials? I will detail this over the next few days, and should have by the weekend additional photography of the Rylands interior...

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