Monday, 13 June 2011

No6 The Death of the Handwritten Script?...

Reflective Journal Entry No6 13/06/11

I have been giving more thought to the hand crafted script of my handwriting, and will thinking about this wondered if there could be explored both a left and right handed version? In the last few years I have become increasingly interested in the development of left handed tools, implements and pens, having spent my early school years in Manchester resisting the pressure from my teachers to write 'right hand only', I just took for granted that I would just get used to right only equipment, to such a level of use, that even now using a left handed scissors feels strange to use.

This line of exploration is in its early days and not sure if this will be fully developed in the coming weeks. I do hope that it will form some part of the final educational resource of materials? Again not sure if this is going to fully explored to the level I wished back in September, but the aim is to pull together all the finished components of 1st and 2nd Semester materials and have them play a part in the 'proposed resource kit'.

The link included in this latest entry outlines how you can create a font from your own handwriting, this is one of the ideas which has been running around my mind for the last couple of years. Yes it is mainly digital in after conventional creation, but this serves up a platform from which I will draw upon to create larger installation pieces either for a final piece or as part of an ongoing practice?

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