Wednesday, 15 June 2011

No8 M/cr bombing 15 years today and additional thoughts on where to go next Part 2...

Reflective Journal Entry No8 15/06/11

Well the day came around today where we finally reached the 15th anniversary of the Manchester Bombing in 96. For me it was a day of disappointment, after getting the positive feedback around October last year from The Royal Exchange and talk about putting together a small display of my graphic materials acknowledging the event in the RET, the timing and the recovery, the whole process dwindled into nothing, and nothing actually came off in the end, which pretty much summed up the 1st semester submission, lots of promise, lots of talk, lots of excitement about potential, speaking to various people connected with the day, the events, and the post bomb transformation of the City Centre, all to no avail in the end, and again at the end of Semester 2.

However today there is a renewed feeling of optimism following discussion with the current project work, in between the 2nd semester delivery and now the beginning of the 3rd semester. Yesterday and now today I have had 2 very encouraging conversations with the management at The John Rylands library in town, and this could provide the opportunity to finally sort out the materials for the AV Slideshow? I shall be undertaking another Lecture Theatre test at Centenary next Tuesday morning, 2 options with and without soundtrack, and also now including some items of my handwriting, as I really want to expand this project into using my own typography, my own handwritten examples.

It was certainly mentioned in the last Semester, that the tests in the 109 were only rough drafts or rough cuts, well this if fine, but for me the term rough cut means that this leads to a finished presentation and it here that I will be aiming to conclude the project with the additions as laid out now in my sketchbook in previous posts.

Finally today I also joined The Typographic Circle, thought it was time I should to expand further my network of contacts and looking at potential show options in London later in the Autumn.

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