Friday, 17 June 2011

No9 Additional thoughts on where to go next Part 3... The John Rylands Library

Reflective Journal Entry No9 17/06/11

Significant progress has been made over the last 48 hours. On Wednesday while in town I dropped by the Rylands Library to do some research for my current route of development on the 'handwritten word' and by chance I got into conversation with one of the staff, and from this has now led me to being able to set up a meeting with the Building Manager Yvette Jeal, next Thursday 23/06 where I will be able to present the proposal, I originally wanted to present pre-Easter to MOSI. I shall be presenting a selection of the materials I have already created during Semester 2, after this we will be walking the building to look at potential areas where I can project the images and also film them.

Ironically I have already taken a selection of photographs from with the Rylands to use in the AV slideshow presentation which I will add to as this is now going to develop in a slightly different form, this time there will be a strong typographic connection and projected images will also have my own handwriting included. This development has given me a much needed boost in confidence on a few things which are currently happening for my Wife and I at a crucial time.

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