Thursday, 14 July 2011

No22 Rylands recky today to undertake a video walk through...

Reflective Journal Entry No22 14/07/11

Today I completed another session filming and photography, but this time at the Rylands to walk the building, to see about good areas to undertake my visual experiments. It proved to be a good session, as with the weather being sunny this morning if offered the chance to see some of the stained glass lit up and change the look of some of the areas completely, I just hope that Monday will yield the same (however having seen the 5 day forecast online, maybe not?)

I will post on screengrabs later to give a sense of today's development work, and I do think that some of these rough cuts will possibly make it into a final combined multimedia piece? The exterior photographs are also to show how the Rylands sits on the cusp of the old and new Manchester's, and is also I believe a perfect example how 'Contemporary Architectural Design' can combine very will with the 'Classical Styles'. My current tasks then are the preparation for the half a day shooting on Monday morning through to lunchtime, and then later the meeting with Julianne Simpson to delve into the 'Pioneers of Print'.

Tomorrow morning I shall be picking up the equipment from Uni, both Video Camera and Projector, and over the weekend will work through the rough footage to identify where to Project and Video. I will update early next week with the first results of this latest work.

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