Monday, 18 July 2011

No24 Primary research - Those were the days. Airmail paper and stationery...

Reflective Journal Entry No24 18/07/11

The second of today's journal entries focuses on the time when we used to write letters, and airmail in particular. I do remember growing up, and using Basildon Bonds Airmail pads and envelopes for a good many years. At one time my parents and I used to write to our family in Ireland and South Africa, I seem to remember at least 3 or 4 letters a month going overseas. For me it was also not only just keeping in touch with family, but the sense of excitement at receiving a letter with a 'Foreign Postmark'

Especially with South Africa which to me was so far away, well in those days it was and felt like it was in another galaxy, many years later in the the first half of the 90's I went to live and work near Johannesburg, and this was just before e-mail really started to be used as extensively as it is today, it was either letters by airmail on the famous blue paper or by fax if it was more urgent. It's not the same these days and the planet seems to have become increasingly smaller by the year to where now it all feels a lot more immediate and it is.

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