Tuesday, 26 July 2011

No25 - Further creative developments using iMovie software...

Reflective Journal Entry No25 27/07/11

Latest posting, but the first since the last posting on the 18/07/11. A little overdue, as I wanted to keep posting on a regular basis every 2 days, well this has been blown and it's a week and a half. Well after a good focused meet with Tash this afternoon, I have maintained a good progress on where I would like to go with this project. Still very much exploring the hand type route and how this can be tied into the Rylands?

I have undertaken another series of walk throughs and on the 8th August will go back to shoot the final projected footage. In the meantime there are 2 other areas of work, which have to be pushed forward.

1. The Dissertation.

2. The Resource kit.

The kit is actually coming together better than expected, and I have already put in for order from Moo, the print for the mini cards, the postcards, sticker book, and soon the 3 mini books with relevant background materials, showing how to use the resource. I have sourced a box, to act as a case for these items.

Further details to follow tomorrow...


  1. Nearly suggested Moo to you, they are a great company.
    I like how they make postcards look cool again, it would make me want to send a postcard rather than an e-mail or text. They offer a simple everyday service which we have forgotten about in some ways due to the introduction and ease of technology.
    Are the Ryland images going on these cards or are they a separate piece?
    I like how the whole hand written element returns especially with the postcards, where it allows others to interact with your work.

  2. Just received the 1st part of my print element this morning, with a pack of 100 mini moo cards, which cover aspects of the work I have done so far, and these are part of the tasks being set, which lead the user back to the Rylands. There will be a 2nd smaller set of postcards which connect again to the Rylands. I have just completed a series of experiments in iMovie where I have both video footage of me writing and this has been overlaid with walk through video of inside the Rylands. I'm Starting to feel a little more confident about the direction now.