Saturday, 3 September 2011

No32 Setting up an installation and postcards

Reflective Journal Entry No32 03/09/11

Latest posting to update on creative development...

In the last few days I have sent out by post a selection (20) of the printed postcards, from the pack of 90 printed by Moo a month ago, to a random selection of friends and contacts, from around the Globe (New Zealand, Australia, USA, and closer to home, Manchester, Durham, South Wales and finally London) I have asked all to post back to me the card and on the back an example of their handwriting. The sample can be anything, some information about the place where they live, a favourite place visited to a family memory, anything really. These examples will form part of 'Primary gathered evidence' to be include in the 'Resource Kit of Materials' in addition to the handwriting evidence which will be gathered via the MB96 installation scheduled to take place in the Great Hall of the Royal Exchange on Sunday 18th Sept. This has been arranged in partnership with the RET and they are standing the cost of the printed materials. A 5 min presentation of my project work and graphics for MB96, will be projected on the 'view screen' in the Main Hall, either side of this will be '2 large posters designed by me' placed on stands. Positioned in front will be a table where large post it pads will be placed, this is where the general public can write down a memory of where they were on the day of the bombing. They are then asked to stick their note on the poster boards, this will then provide further handwriting evidence for my current work, and will also link back to Phase 1 of the project. Coming full circle!

The exercise coincides with the RET being opened for the first time on a Sunday, as a pre-cursor to a regular event being staged in Manchester from mid October.

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