Monday, 13 February 2012

Reply from CPIT Christchurch to my call to action...

Thanks for the work you're doing with raising awareness of the plight of Christchurch artists.  We would be very pleased to support this in any way we can.  I am an exec member of the advocacy group, Arts Voice Christchurch (please see our website - and join us on Facebook  Please feel free to engage in these projects and keep up to date with the wider campaigns to ensure arts are an integral part of the city's recovery and mesh your projects into what we are doing.  Our focus is on the central city plan (CCP) and the way in which arts and artists can be supported to have studios and performance spaces in the new city, and also on a range of transitional projects.  CPIT is key to a range of these, including the Artbox project ( and we (CPIT) have raised $500,000 for this since June last year – a result of which we are hugely proud of. Anything you can do in the UK to raise awareness of these initiatives would be most appreciated. I encourage you to read our submissions to the plan which have been very well received by the city council.

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