Sunday, 10 June 2012

MB96 150696 Manchester Bombing Updated Identity...

Firstly please excuse the multiple mailing nature of this e-mail, and also that it has been sometime since my last mail out on this project. Also there are a number of you who are receiving this for the first time and are not aware of my work, the background for this may be unfamiliar and the concept work, first undertaken back in 2010, as part of my MA in Communication Design course at University of Salford and continuing to develop.

The link for the background can be found on Behance and is The anniversary for this, is this coming Friday. There will also be a week long project activity and presentation on this, week beginning the 23/07/12 at The John Rylands Library (details to follow in the coming weeks) both on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The work on the Manchester Bombing project, now dovetails into one of my other current Typographic projects called CHCH 220212 and again the link on Behance is

If you can spare a few minutes to look at this work and provide some feedback, or send these links on through your own networks, this will be very much appreciated, especially the CHCH 220212, as I'm trying to continue to raise awareness of the continuing struggle of Designers in CHCH NZ to trade and maintain their business's after the main earthquakes in the last 18 months. There will be articles coming out in the press in the coming months further developing both the discussion and the creative work to be undertaken and promoted, and a website to act as a portal for people both creative and non creative to become involved. I'm also looking to develop collaboration on producing some of the work, especially on the print side, and if anyone knows of a good printer, who has worked on 'not for profit projects', can you also please drop me a line on this? 

Thanks you for taking the time to read this information, and I look forward to your replies. 

Kind regards.


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