Thursday, 21 October 2010

How I felt Part 2

As I said yes there was shock, and my first thoughts about friends and family, were they ok? but then instead of travelling up to Manchester, I returned back home to Brussels and watch it on the news, but then the next few weeks I was back and forth between Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, and Luxembourg, so really didn't have much time to think.

My main reason, as I have hinted at for leaving Manchester and the UK, was that I needed a break. In 1989/90 the design scene in M/cr had become for me less challenging. I was working for GUS (their in-house publications dept in Ardwick) and while the pay was good, and yes I got run my sections it was not the future for me. Also there was this bullshit attitude which over the course of the first 9 years of my career had crept more and more into the thinking of what 'design was all about'.

I needed to breath!

So in early 90 I turned my back on the city of my birth, my career here in M/cr and headed overseas...

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