Thursday, 21 October 2010

Item from the mists of time...

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  1. As were are sort of talking historical background. Also thought that you may be interested in this link, as Tash and I were talking Tony Wilson/Factory the other day. It was an article I wrote for the Fans resource site, ironically posted on the same day Tony died, but written a week before, as a result of writing this, I was contacted by the production company who produced 'Joy Division in their own words', and got a copy of the DVD later for sending them a Hi-Res image of my poster.

    I designed the tickets and the poster which are featured on that page. I was working for Bury Metro Arts at the time with Dewi Lewis, while at College, and was on the committee for 'gigs' which put the bands on, and was the 1st time I met Tony Wilson.

    Those were the days!