Thursday, 23 June 2011

No13 Meeting today at The Rylands Library P1...

Reflective Journal Entry No13 23/06/11

Quick note to post a few thoughts on my meeting today with Yvette Jeal from the Rylands. The meeting went very well very positive, and I got the opportunity to present my current work, and the video footage I shot on Tuesday. I will post tomorrow again with more details on this meeting, but for now I have been given permission to undertake a series of visual experiments in the next month, I just need to work out my dates (it may need 2 visits but 1 may do it?) and there areas I would like to choose. In the next week I shall drop Yvette a line back with timing and areas of interest, and I shall also be undertaking another fact finding visit...

I have also adapted my AV Slideshow, making alterations in content and some of the running order, especially the inclusion of more JRL shots.

The link below,

I will be delving into this further next week on my next visit and hopefully arranging a viewing of the materials?

More to follow tomorrow...

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