Friday, 24 June 2011

No14 More thoughts on current idea strands...

Reflective Journal Entry No14 24/06/11

Still continuing to develop the route for Typography and the Handwritten styles. I'm coming to the conclusion the more I explore this area, the more, I feel like a 'Designer/Artist out of time'. Don't get me wrong I have once again fully embraced the expanded digital age we now live in and also take very much for granted, as I did back in 85 when I first undertook my initial computer graphics training, had I not got on board, then like so many of my generation of Graphic Designers form that period, I would have very quickly in a few years have struggled to stay in the business at an only conventional level. 

It was quite simply train, move on and develop, or just disappear into oblivion!

More to follow tomorrow...

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