Saturday, 30 July 2011

No26 - Further creative development using Moo...

Reflective Journal Entry No26 30/07/11

Latest posting, to update on how I have been getting on, using the Moo cards and stickers set up and the additional print items I want to have in place within the next few weeks, so that I have the time to focus on the writing on the dissertation. 

So far I have created the following items for print:

1. Mini cards (100) these are split into 3 items. 1.1 20 card colour palette identifiers. 1.2 20 cards Places of interest. 1.3 60 cards general selection of images, part of a larger grouping, called Investigate.

2. Postcards set (90) random images and also part of the greater collective set, called Investigate.

3. 2 sticker books (52) images in each, connected to the above work.

4. 1 round sticker collection pack, again as above connected and part of the group, called Investigate.

The Mini cards have been delivered, the postcards are on the way, and the stickers have been ordered today and are expected next week. This items are no forming the base of the resource kit, and there will be more items to be added in the coming weeks.

I have also started to rework online (Blurb) the book MB96, I originally created as part of Semester 1, which rolled into Semester 2 with the exploration of colour, this has now been broken down into 3 smaller more defined volumes of images and story all under the heading of 'Investigate', this will conclude with the investigation for the current historical handwriting direction I'm currently undertaking. I also have another series of postcards which images will be taken from the Rylands work video/filming visuals and this will link to the the direction on handwriting.

More field work will be undertaken at the Rylands next week, in advance of actual filming set for the Monday 08/08/11, I also have another meeting planned with Julianne Simpson in that week.

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