Thursday, 4 August 2011

No27 - 2nd walk through the Rylands...

Reflective Journal Entry No27 04/08/11

Latest posting, to update on creative development and preparations for the filming in the Rylands on Monday 8th August. This morning I had walk through the Library with one of the 'Building Facilities staff', to check out the upper level reading room, which proved to be better than expected, and this will yield at least 3 areas to explore for the projections, and I believe will truly capture the visual element I'm looking for for the final creative multimedia piece. In addition to these 3 areas upstairs, I have indicated 2 further areas of projection, one down in the print press display area with the traditional presses including the Gutenberg Press, and then back towards the reception area where the clean white walls will offer up a different look to the Red Stone of the original library building. I have also been given permission to film most of the day now, instead of just 3 hours as originally indicated, so a visit of bonuses.

My next task will be to put together a basic storyboard and to expand the sketches in my latest sketchbook, just to firm up the thoughts from this morning and work out a timeline of where and when to shoot. Finally it has been indicated and offered that I could have use of one of the large flat screen display screens to show the final completed movie of all this, which would also give me a public installation to submit for final submission and also include in the kit of materials.

Today as well the, 2nd part of the 'resource kit of materials' printed by Moo 'the postcards', arrived in the post and I'm very pleased with the way they look. I have also been notified by Moo that the 3rd part 'the stickers, stickers sheets and the 2 sticker books', have been dispatched and these are expected tomorrow.

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