Sunday, 14 August 2011

No29 Update on current work...

Reflective Journal Entry No29 14/08/11

Latest posting, to update on creative development...

In the last week there have few a few interesting developments away from the main body of work being undertaken. I will follow up on the Rylands in the next journal posting (Filming Part 2) A few weeks ago as part of the print development for the resource materials, I created a pack of postcard images. These have been printed through Moo and will be included as part of the user exercise I'm going to be running in the next few weeks related to the 'handwriting analysis' I wish to pursue which will reflect how modern handwriting is developing, or not as is becoming apparent in my research.

I have selected 20 people from very different backgrounds and locations (New Zealand, Australia, US, Ireland, and from the UK South Wales, London and Manchester) I will be sending out a postcard to them, and will ask them to write on the card a favourite quote or saying, or even something about the place they live, and then post this back to me. These cards will then serve as a snapshot of evidence for my resource kit and analysis of different handwriting styles. I have also had a positive response back from the Rylands and the Royal Exchange, so it maybe that there will be more than 20 volunteers in the end?

Speaking of the resource kit, I have now put together the books (4 in total of 20 pages each) which show the theme of investigation, I have undertaken so far. These are going to Blurb for printing in the next week, and will be expected back by the end of the month. I have also now found/sourced a suitable method for housing all items to be included.

More details to follow later...

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